Wahl Precision 2-Hole Clipper Replacement Blade

If you have a Wahl Precision clipper for home use and find the two hole blade too dull to even cut butter let alone hair, then finding a replacement blade for your Precision clipper can prevent you from having to purchase an entire new clipper. This Wahl 2 hole replacement blade is designed for not only Prevision Wahl clippers, but it is also compatible for clippers including those used for pets. This replacement fits such clippers as the MC-2, 3050, Wahl Chrome Pro and the Wahl 9590-20.

People who have purchased this Precision clipper blade replacement kit state that the blade works great and makes the clippers function “like new.” They also state that it is extremely easy to install and nice and sharp for close clipping. People have reviewed and criticized the cost but they also all say it’s worth it for its longevity and quality.

Wahl Precision 2 Hole Clipper Blade

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