Wahl Arco Pet Clipper Replacement Blade Platform

A good set of Wahl Arco pet clippers can last you years if properly maintained, but there are plenty of moving parts that have the potential for failure.  Based off price and high reviews this blade platform is the perfect replacement part for the Wahl Arco pet Clippers.   The platform is designed to hold the clipper blades that move when the Wahl Arco clipper are in use.  If the blade platform fails, the blades are no longer able to move, making the Wahl Arco clippers effectively useless.

These pet clippers do require a TORX or star bit to disassemble to fix the blade platform on the Wahl Arco pet clippers.  When properly maintained, the Wahl Arco Pet clippers will last for years, so you can enjoy the fantastic quality of a Wahl product for years to come.

Wahl Arco Pet Clipper Blade Platform


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