Oster CryogenX Animal Clipper Blade #3

Guaranteed in giving the best and most satisfying hygienic results, the Oster CryogenX Animal Clipper Blade #3 is the best product to use for pet’s hair. This is also a size-three carbon steel blade that leaves hair half-inch in (1/2″) length.

The good thing about this replacement blade is that it is treated cryogenically. And, this holds a rating of sixty-two for its Rockwell hardness.  This simply holds a sharp edge and through its AgION antimicrobial coating, mold, bacteria and mildew are reduced.

This replacement #3 blade perfectly works well with the Oster CryogenX clipper and many additional detachable clippers. Through the use of the part, the layers of the dog’s hair are taken off completely with ease and pain-free.  This is also excellent in getting a real close cut for your dog.

Even giving a puppy cut is for your favorite pet is possible by the use of the #3 clipper blade. Groom three or four of your pets by paying for this professional blade for an affordable price considering the ratings. Another impressive thing about the product is that it works great for curly and thick hair on a pet.

Never hesitate in using this grooming blade that is solidly built from high quality and dependable materials. Expect that this blade lasts for years!


Oster CryogenxX #3 Blade


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