Oster Hair Clipper Replacement #1 1/2 (4mm) Blade

Oster has been a proud supplier of hair styling products for over 100 years. If your Oster clippers aren’t working as well as they used to, they need to have the clipper blades replaced. Why go to the expense of replacing the entire Oster hair clippers, when they only need a replacement blade?

This Oster Clipper replacement blade in size #1 ½ will replace your old dull blades in your Oster hair clippers. It is recommended for the Oster hair clipper #1 ½ blades should be replaced at least once a year, to maintain optimum performance of your hair clippers.

Using fresh clipper blades will give you a smooth and pleasant shaving experience, without worrying about dull blades tugging or pulling at hairs. Fresh Oster clipper blades will also speed up your hair trimming, not requiring endless passes of the clippers.

These clipper blades will cut down to 5/32 inches, or 4 millimeters. This specific Oster blade is compatible with the Classic 76, Star-Teq Powerline and the Outlaw clipper models. These clipper blades are made in the USA so you can be confident of the replacement you buy here.


Oster Clipper 4mm Blade


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