Andis UltraEdge Pet Clipper #64160 Replacement Blade

It does not feel right having an incomplete and unsmooth shaving for your pet if the blades weak.  The new Andis UltraEdge replacement blade is made to ensure a comfortable shaving experience for your dog. This superfine blade set with a dimension of 2×6×4 inches has the unique advantage of solidity and durability. Cut and leave your pet’s hair at 1/150 inch/01mm. Made of surgical stainless steel with long lasting capacity to ensure you no longer have to worry about replacing the UltraEdge blade every time. Cut with ease, swiftly, avoide the annoying shaving bumps from your current original dull, worn out blades.  The teeth edges are close enough together to ride over any imperfections or existing bumps without cutting through the skin of your pet. Experience  comfortable shaving anytime without any irritations. If you value your pet’s haircut experience and love quality product that performs effortlessly, you have no excuse not to get a replacement Andis UltraEdge blade.


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