Andis Pivot Motor 23435 Hair Clipper Replacement Blade

Andis Blade 23435 Pivot Motor completes our list of amazing technological advancements. The Andis Pivot Motor Clippers are affixed with a nice sharp blade. This blade usually becomes loose or gets broken due to the extensive amount of work that the clipper is supposed to do. This replacement blade perfectly fits the Andis Pivot Motor Clipper model number 23435. This is the official replacement manufactured by the same company so that customers do not feel any problem in looking for the right blade to fit in the clipper. The specialty of this replacement blade is that its stainless steel is quite adjustable. It can be easily adjusted to different sizes ranging from 000 to 1. It weighs one pound only. Buying the right replacement might become a tedious process few times but with the same company making replacements for their own products, this problem also comes to an end.
Andis Pivot Motor 23435 Blade

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