Andis Fade Master Hair Clipper Replacement Blade

Professionals know that they cannot make their clients look good with a single blade. Detailed work such as fading or tapering a client’s hair requires the fade or tapering blade made for close cutting like the Andis Fade Master blade. While some stylists opt to buy another pair of new clippers for just this type of work you can save money by simply buy a replacement blade that is specially designed for fading and tapering hair. This new Andis Fade Master blade part can leave hair within a hundredth of an inch! You can’t get much closer than that for a clean quality cut. This replacement Fade Master blade was manufactured by Andis so you know you will receive the absolute best quality product and it will easily fit your Andis Masters clippers. Andis makes their blades from surgical quality stainless steel and it will last you for years with proper are and maintenance. Easy to clean and store. It is so easy to use that you could cut your own hair with it and professional stylists will wonder how you managed to give yourself that attractive skin tight fade. Don’t be surprised if they ask you what products you are using!