Andis Envy Hair Clipper Replacement #1 Blade

Summer is almost here! If you are ready to enjoy the good time and warmth that summer brings, why shouldn’t your hair enjoy the same thing? It is that time of year when your hair needs your help to get rid of that extra to keep from the summer breeze from flowing. But what if you can’t use your trimming machine because of the dull, worn out blade? This is where we can help you find the perfect replacement part! This is an Andis Envy replacement hair blade #1 so you’ll be able to make yourself happy again! This set contains a no. 1 replacement blade that’s compatible for the ENVY Clipper that can help trim your hair from 1/5” (0.5mm) to 3/32” (2.4mm). So why wouldn’t you do a favor to your hair and help him get rid of the extra comfortably with this brand new replacement Envy blade number one.



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