Andis CeramicEdge Pet Clipper Replacement Blade

When it comes to grooming your pet you should use the same brands of tools that professionals use in their work. Look closely and you will see that it’s time to replace the Andis Ultra Edge Size 10 blade. This replacement #10 blade for the Andis Ultra Edge is a 1.5mm comb that fits all Andis clippers and will give your pet a nice short coat but still leaves enough fur for cool weather. This replacement comb will cut your dog’s fur coat in the areas that need a short cut. The Andis #10 Blade replacement is makes your pet’s fur looking so smooth that your neighbors will about your pet groomer. The key to a great looking fur coat on your pet is to have the right set of tools for the job like this finished cut #10 blade for the Andis dog clipper. The size of this blade make it perfect for grooming dogs in the sanitary areas, ears, throat, feet and base of the tail of many breeds of dogs. This particular size leaves approximately 1/16th of an inch or about 1.5mm of fur on your pet. The chrome finish resists corrosion and helps to keep the comb looking shiny and working great for grooming your dog. Your pet deserves to get the best quality tools for his or her grooming needs and that is why we proudly recommend the affordable #10 blade for the Andis pet clippers.



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