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How We Choose the Parts

The criteria on how we pick the replacement clipper parts represented to you on our site.


Cutting hair on either a person or a pet requires parts to be durable withhold long periods of use, thick hair, and to simply ensure a painless cut.


Working with clippers that are lightweight make cutting hair much easier. We find parts that are not only durable, but also lightweight to make it easy on the hand.


We ensure that the parts we find bring back your clippers to life. Over time parts can make your clippers slow leading to a less pleasing experience. These parts will make your clippers powerful once again.

Low Sound

It’s very annoying for both the customer and the employee when hair clippers and pet clippers lead to loud noises. It’s our goal to find clipper parts that are reviewed highly for its low sound quality.

About FixTheClip

Learn about why we all win with FixTheClip.
Every part you see on FixTheClip is highly reviewed.

Our goal on FixTheClip is to help users find highly reviewed parts for their hair clippers and pet clippers. We scour through Amazon's catalog to find the right part at the right price with the highest review count.

The model we've created here essentially becomes a win-win situation for everyone. You win by finding the best replacement part. We win by getting a very slight commission. Amazon wins by selling the manufacture's product. The manufacturer wins by selling their replacement part.

It's in our best interest to help you find your clipper replacement part with ease.

Types of Clipper Parts

Listed below are the main types of hair clipper and pet clipper parts we have on TheSoundFix


Power Cords